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By Adda-TA MD | July 17, 2017

New Product: Galvanised steel helical lock-seam Tubing

This is a great product with a long history of being used successfully in the Construction industry globally and now it is finally being produced locally here in Singapore for our local Singapore and other Asian Construction markets.

As can be seen from the picture above using a patented helical lock seam tube rolling machine the former tube is produced using a thin gauge galvanised steel sheet (0.6mm to 1.2mm thick x approx. 127mm wide) rolled out, pressed and jointed continuously in a helical spiral to form a durable steel tube of any diameter required (currently to max 1.6m). As this product can be manufactured in continuous lengths the only limit on the length of tube produced is transport in and around Singapore, see below for the recommended uses and product advantages.


Tubing for the Civil Construction industry (see pictures)

  1. Bored Pile Liner tubing
  2. Sacrificial Column / Pier formwork
  3. Cast-in pre-cast concrete void former tubes (in pre-cast beams and deck slabs)
  4. Cast-in void formers (through walls)
  5. Cast-in post tensioning strand ducting



  • As a bored pile liner tube it can be manufactured to maximum length (transport / on site handling dependant) and simply joined on site or depending on the size and volume / total tonnage of the order our machine can be relocated and set up on your site for a continuous length of tube just ask us for options.   
  • As sacrificial column formwork it is light, easy to handle, install and join and also simple to use and strip on any project site. This leads to big savings in time and cost when compared to setting up and installing traditional formwork. In most cases installing the sacrificial formwork tubing can be done by a team of workers eliminating a crane tied up to install.
  • As sacrificial formwork it can also be effortlessly produced in any diameter up to 1.6m so no need for expensive specialised column formwork to be purchased or made this also leads to massive time and cost savings as you don’t have to plan for lengthy procurement time and negotiation.
  • Production of the tubing in Singapore is very quick (depending on volume / timing) so orders can be produced quickly and delivered to your site when you need it most saving you again valuable time and cost and eliminating long term on site storage space.
  • When used as sacrificial formwork after curing the steel former tube is easy to strip and the waste metal strip is fully recyclable – clean and Green + $ back for scrap.
  • Galvanised steel tubing ensures a long lasting durable product if cast in or if required to be stored on the project site leading again to big cost savings
  • As post tensioned strand ducting this tubing can be produced quickly and to your on-site requirements, the corrugations and profile of the steel tubing make it ideal to cast in then grout fill to form a perfectly integral structural element for any post-tensioned system.
  • Relatively light weight of the tubing means that it can be easily handled manually by workers on site in most cases eliminating crane usage for handling and installing.   


  • Overall length of tubing here in Singapore is limited to trailer transport ie 12m to 14m
  • Maximum height of column formwork limited by tube base metal thickness of 1.2mm – ask us for product guides and tables.  
  • Maximum column / pier diameter limited to max 1.6m however other diameters up to max 2.4m diameter may be available depending on the total order quantity and timing it is required. 


Tubing for the Building Industry

  1. Column formwork or cast in ducting
  2. Air conditioning / Ventilation ducting (+ve pressure)
  3. Exhaust ducting (-ve pressure)
  4. Architectural finishes and features (removable pvc / poly column liner for textured off form finishes)  



  • As column formwork and / or cast in ducting refer to the highlighted advantages and cost savings in the general Civil Construction Section above.
  • As air conditioning / ventilation ducting the durable helical lock seam tubing can be readily produced in maximum lengths to your specific diameters required allowing ultimate flexibility on site. The product can be joined quickly and can also be painted or left unpainted as required depending on your architectural requirements leading to valuable time and cost savings.
  • When used as AC / exhaust ducting the lock seamed tubing can be readily modified and cut on site to suit your buildings requirements or restrictions.
  • Ventilator openings and screens can be added quickly and safely on site to suite your design.
  • A range of corrugations and profiles are available for the product just ask us for a brochure and guide – design flexibility and aesthetically pleasing
  • Galvanised steel tubing ensures a long lasting durable product however other materials may be available such as light gauge SS to suite your architectural requirements and finishes just ask us for information 


  1. As noted in Section 1 above the overall length of tubing is limited to trailer transport ie 12m to 14m
  2. Ask us for more information regarding available AC / exhaust duct sizes.
  3. Ask us for a range of textured pier column removable liners for your particular architectural finish.   


How can Adda-TA Help You?

As this is a relatively new product here in Singapore we at Adda-TA Pte Ltd have joined forces with the manufacturer AP-Spiral to assist them with market development and Engineering and you with technical and project assistance for their new helical lock seam tubing product range assistance such as:

  • Scoping your project (or tender) and developing your specific project requirements. This will help you to select the optimum product size and range required for your individual project.
  • Assist you with initial on-site installations and train your construction team to use the product safely and effectively.
  • Assist your engineers and tender team to get the most cost effective solution to help win and build that project.
  • Assist with any on-site fabrication and operation setup if the AP-spiral equipment is required to go to an on-site setup (large volume projects only).


Contact Us Today

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Or contact me direct at:


By Adda Ta | April 29, 2016

Arrival of the latest stock of products from Italy at our Warehouse at Chai Chee Lane for those that want to have a look up close to see the quality of the products now available here in Singapore, all are welcome. Note that both Emiliana Serbatoi and Umiblok products are available to view and handle as can be seen by the photos attached (or visit our facebook page for a better view!) so come and have a look for your self  while this shipment is still on the warehouse floor.


Posted in Trade Fairs By Adda Ta | April 07, 2016

These are some shots of this year’s Con-Mine Trade fair held in Jakarta this past week from the 29th Mar to 1st of April 2016 (for the full range of photos see our facebook webpage). Con-Mine 2016 was an interesting show in itself but to boost crowd numbers the Expo was combined with the Automotive, Motorcycles, e-bikes / scooters and Forklifts and industry related manufacturers so turnout was better than expected. Interesting display from the people at Battery Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd who had on display a convenient transportable battery water filter and dispenser for filling lead acid batteries (see BAS at and see photos DSCN1496 and 7) on the go, very useful piece of equipment for people who have large fleets of battery powered forklifts opr equipment. Note that the guys at BAS are also the regional distributor for the Italian made TCE battery chargers. TCE offer many charging solutions for the latest electric powered forklift and construction machinery / vehicles so check them out on line at the BAS website or at

Another interesting product on display was from PT Wolf (Indonesia) who produce a Multi purpose off-road 4 x 4 truck that would be very useful for those remote sites in Indonesia (see and see photo DSCN1505). And for those of us who have worked on remote Indonesian / Asian sites before in the past will instantly see the benefits of this one a very cost effective solution too I believe. The team at PT GEWINN Gold Hotama design and manufacture locally in Indonesia a range of Truck scales that can either be for permanent or Temporary installations and they also offer solutions for portable truck scale load cells that can be handy when you need to do spot checks on some of your trucks. I have personally come across and used these systems in the past when working in the Coal mining industry and the portable scales were used as a quick check system to determine through put capacities of a newly installed coal crusher. The load weights were used to crosscheck the output scales and calibration of load cells on the belts etc at the crusher and also downstream on belts etc for more information on the GEWINN products go to

For the frequent travelers amongst us I also saw a neat little product that is very handy indeed the plastic buckled rubber belt (refer to photo DSCN1506 and The plastic buckle means that you do not have to fumble around at a busy immigration line taking off and putting back on your belt while also rushing to put back your laptop computer, ipad, phones, wrist watch, round up children (for the parents amongst us) then rushing off to catch your flight, one less thing to worry about realy very handy indeed.

Anyway thats enough from me at this stage looking forward to hear any comments and if you need any info on the photos don't hesitate to contact me on In the mean time we will be busy preparing for our participation at the next trade fair in Myanmar coming up soon on the 19th to 21st May in Yangon so make sure you make time to come and see us. Also keep an eye out for feedback from our partners at Emiliana Serbatoi from Bauma 2016 should be very interesting.

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